Lalla- Swimwear with Ethics and Aesthetics

Lalla- Swimwear with Ethics and Aesthetics

With summer here, holidays booked and it being plastic free July, I can’t think of a better time to review some sustainable swimwear.
With all of us trying to reconnect physically with our drinks by giving up “the plastic straw” I think we can all agree there is way too much plastic harming our planet. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be a greater volume of plastic than fish in the ocean. That’s insane by any standard! 
There are more than 600,000 tonnes of fish nets floating around killing animals and destroying coral reefs. What’s shocking is that every tonne contains enough nylon to make over 10,000 swimsuits. 
No one is saying we need to compromise fashion trends or swap beach clubs in ibiza for nudist beaches. However, what we can do is invest in ethical swimwear from brands that deliver sustainable material as well as style.


This is an innovative nylon yarn that is produced entirely from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste. How cool is that? Some of the biggest names in the game are now using this fabric such as Prada and Adidas. In fact Prada has introduced a capsule collection of iconic bags made 100% using ECONYL.
Ok back to the matter at hand, these swimsuits and bikinis may cost more than your average high street brand but due to this new fabric they are extra resistant to chlorine and sun cream, they will therefore keep their colour and shape for longer. Basically what I’m trying to say is that they will last longer, making it easier for you to wear that amazing bikini that took you so long to find year after year (without it drooping in all the wrong places) all while keeping your conscience clear. Sounds good to me.
Davy J.jpg


Davy J is a Devonshire born brand with swimwear  that is suitable for the adventurous swimmer as well and those who love to lounge poolside with a drink in their hand. Umm yes please!


Originating from the north-west coast of England, Batoko’s collections are consciously kept small to maintain quality and a more planet friendly production process. With only 9 fun and colourful designs to choose from, I’m pretty sure you will want them all.
What’s even more amazing is that not only can mums match their brood but a part of their profits go to the Marine Conservation Society. What’s not to love right?


The brand’s swimwear is not only made from recycled plastic and fishing nets but they even go one step further in their efforts of sustaining the environment by ensuring that their images are digitally printed, which uses less water than the conventional screen printing. Their designs are both powerful and bold. Whether you’re looking for something edgy or trying to satisfy a more classic pallet, Volcom has you covered.
Head over to their website and use their size tool to find your best fit!
Tide and Seek.jpg


Handmade in Bali and Tide and Seek have the cutest prints I have seen! Perfect for relaxing by the beach sipping a smoothie (sans plastic straw of course) or maybe even surfing the waves. Either way these prints and styles will have you smiling. Think mermaids and unicorns, ice cream and sprinkles…you’ve got the idea!
paper London_.jpg


The award winning British brand loved by celebrities knows its pieces have to look good. And that is does… their designs are classy and understated yet never boring. You will need a bigger budget for this one but its totally worth it.


British born outdoor brand Finisterre is so committed to the cause that they have even banned single use plastic from its packaging. What’s even more amazing is that you can have a look inside the factories they use via their website. 
There may not be many designs to choose from, however, the colours they use as well as their colour blocking patterns, leave very little else to be desired. Not to mention their bikini tops have triangle shaped removable padding (yes!) and adjustable straps that can also be worn cross-back if preferred.

Well there you have it! No excuses, 6 incredibly stylish and ethical brands to choose from that will keep you on trend and last you years. The only thing that will fade is your tan.

Words by Noha Ben Ismail
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