Definition of Blowout (noun) 
blow-out \'blō-ˌau̇t /
: Blowout is caused by overexposure to an Image, which results in a  loss of highlight detail. 
: a festive social affair
: an easy or one-sided victory
: a hair style in which the hair is blow-dried while being styled with a round brush
:  London based online publication.
Blowout Magazine is an online lifestyle magazine covering the very best in music, beauty, trends and culture with exclusive features and interviews.    
What began as a creative pastime, evolved into a bold, experimental and an exciting alternative lifestyle magazine that explores the intersection of fashion, photography and culture. With an international outlook, Blowout Magazine strives to offer its audience content that transcends borders, featuring culturally diverse celebrities and professionals, up and coming brands, provocative topics and beautiful imagery.