Definition of Blowout (noun) 
blow-out \'blō-ˌau̇t /
: Blowout is caused by overexposure to an Image, which results in a  loss of highlight detail. 
: a festive social affair
: an easy or one-sided victory
: a hair style in which the hair is blow-dried while being styled with a round brush
:  London based BLOWOUT MAGAZINE is an online publication and  once yearly printed coffee table book publication with the best visuals from the Year.
Founded by Fashion Photographer Erica Bergsmeds, editor & Creative Director, and  Journalist Kylie Olsson, features editor/writer.    BLOWOUT has a bi weekly cover shoot featuring some of the most interesting people in fashion, film and music. The magazines section “Blow by Blow” features the best launches and releases of artists, brands and hot topic’s.