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Get Your Glow On!

Get Your Glow On!


 Infrared Saunas,

with a cup of beauty, please.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of busy Oxford Street lies one of London’s best kept secrets, and if we tell you, then we’ll have to kill you!  Jokes aside, Glow Bar,  has it all. Described as a wellness company for women created by Sasha Sabapathy – a brand planner and chef who has spent her life between Malaysia, London and New York – it’s the place you can come to when you are feeling like you need a bit more tranquillity in your life and to just unwind.  The genesis of Glow Bar came about because she wanted to share with other women stress management remedies that she has discovered over the years.   
And it really is a place that covers all areas of this from the infrared saunas – so not just any old sauna if you spend just 45 minutes in one of these your circulation will be increased, you’ll experience detoxification and your immune system will get a nice boost too.  It’s believed that Infrared therapy stimulates collagen production while healing your skin from the surface to deeper levels leading to long term skin benefits.  It's certainly a lot more bearable than a 'normal' sauna.  

The action of profusely sweating at a lower temperature means that your skin literally glows and feels super supple from the moment you leave the sauna.  Not only does the infrared sauna make your skin soft but they have also been proven to release endorphins in your brain helping to lower the ‘evil’ cortisol levels which we are all being told is our number one worst enemy at the moment, which is again all due to being over stressed.  
With an array of natural remedies to sample from creams, oils, jade rollers and their incredible Moon Shakes and lattes - which are all spiked with Sasha’s own blends of adaptogen elixars and healing herbal these are so tasty its hard to believe that they are actually good for you – it really is a little oasis. 

Our kinda GLOW place

This is definitely our favourite place to come and hang with our girlfriends and walk out with a glow and a feeling like you’ve just made the right decision.  
Written by Kylie Olsson 
Glow Bar London
70 Mortimer Street
London, W1W 7RY
Mon-Fri 8:30am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm 
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