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On screen with Laura Whitmore

On screen with Laura Whitmore


Our talented cover girl Laura Whitmore has written and stars in short film Sadhbh.
Sadhbh tells the story about how young mother Claire struggles to keep her life together while attempting to present a mask of strength against the judgement of the outside world. But she hides a heartbreaking secret, and sometimes accepting the truth is not an option.
Director Arjun Rose took a gritty visual for Sadhbh and managed to retain the realness of Claire’s journey while creating a beautiful and different visual style. Produced by Branwen Summers and starring new emerging talent Leyon Stolz-Hunter, Pearl Jarrett and Bradley Turner, Sadhbh is  definitely one to watch out for! 
In Laura’s own words, “Sometimes the only way people can deal with something is to NOT deal with it. Claire isn’t crazy, she’s just created a little world that she can cope with. She constantly feels judged by the outside world, but in fact it is she herself who has made the final judgement”.

Is there an end to miss Whitmore's talent?

We are waiting in excitement for the release date to be announced.
Lalla  - Can you keep on trend shopping cheap Ethically..??

Lalla - Can you keep on trend shopping cheap Ethically..??

Hannah Harley Young

Hannah Harley Young