Sober and the City

Sober and the City

Hello! I’m Gemma and thanks for taking the time to read my column.
I’m  going to fill you in on my favourite shops, my favourite places to hang out ,my favourite things to do and my favourite places to eat but my  column is a little bit different. I’m t-total you see. I’m a sober, temperate, abstinent, pinot grigio dodging girl about town! And I love  it!
Look, nothing would give me more pleasure than cracking open a bottle of prosecco and putting the world to rights in a cute little bistro off the kings road but I’ve been there, done that got the t-shirt and if I’m  honest it made me feel pretty shitty. I ended up not liking myself and that’s not good so this blog is for all the people who want a sober, but fun, guide to London.
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Don’t worry, this column isn’t just for totallers... you may fancy a dry month or just want to navigate your way through the party scene without waking up with a gale force hangover and a seriously depleted bank balance. It can be done believe me, I’m doing it right now and I’ve never been so busy or happier.
My ‘blowout’ items will be original, fun but more importantly I will be honest with you. Look, if you decide to go sober you’re going to find that you have more money in your pocket and if you are going to treat yourself with all that extra cash you want it to be the bollocks and that’s where I come in.
I have already discovered a new shop in town ! Voilà
Unit 96 Coal Drops yard
N1C 4DQ London

Twiin is London’s first LA concept based on the similarities between the Fashion Tribes of London and Los Angeles. It is based around an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage vibes, with a focus toward lounge and  easy to wear pieces.

The store reflects LA’s new premium fashion aesthetic, taking inspiration from iconic Los Angeles architecture while utilising the existing  architecture of Coal Drops Yard.
Twiin’s brands will reflect LA culture and will encompass social media driven labels, socially conscious fashion and social tech.
LA is a city in which you must be connected in order to experience. You  need a key to access the secret garden. By showcasing emerging  musicians, invite only events, artists, social and fashion trends ; Twiin intends to peel back the curtain, allowing their customers exclusive access to the “hidden LA” subculture.

I treated myself to a one stop shop. DYING over the bits I got.....
Get in store to check out the glorious threads!
THE most important section of this column is going to be devoted to keeping ones mind at peace and filled with gratitude. 
One thing I do before bedtime is write a list of things I feel grateful for, in the day... nice to go to bed with positive thoughts.

Today - I am grateful for -

🦋 keeping my cool whilst on moon time..🤭rammed tubes are THE worst! 
🦋 my discovery of TWIIN clothing store
🦋 my music whilst struggling to get from a to b without getting rained on HARD
Music is everything!
🦋 my darling friend being the hair wizard that he is and sorting my locks out
🦋 the gym allowing me not to feel so bad about PIZZA 🏽
🦋 another day being the best version of myself 
The word ‘therapy’ comes with so much baggage that when you tell people that you are in therapy and that you actually love it, you get a whole range of responses ranging from people instantly thinking you are a crazy person to the head tilters squeezing your arm affectionately and mouthing ‘bless’. This blog isn’t here to preach, everybody will find  their own way eventually I just found my own path through therapy. A safe space to talk, rationalise, basically see the wood for the trees – it has really helped me on my way – I really recommend it – why not give it a try – what’s the worst that can happen?
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by Gemma Gregory
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Code 8

Lalla  - Can you keep on trend shopping cheap Ethically..??

Lalla - Can you keep on trend shopping cheap Ethically..??