Code 8

Code 8

One of the most exciting new make-up brands to hit the market and our faces, is this year's London Fashion week official sponsors, Code 8. 
It was founded by Nadine Ayache and Sophia Chikovani because they wanted to create a brand that has everything a woman needs and not more. Themselves overwhelmed by the current market which has an abundance of products out there, in their collection they wanted to strip things back and provide you with the basics in a more natural pallet – apart from a few incredible reds - and fewer products. 
I caught up with Nadine to find out a little more about the brand and its ethos.

Nadine, thanks for chatting to me, what’s the meaning behind Code 8?

Well, it’s that each woman has her own code of beauty and 8 is inverted infinity. We are promoting each woman to find her own code of beauty and to avoid the ‘template’ look. Sofia and I started this brand because we felt there was something to say about the beauty world today and it is pushing us to be somebody else and we want to push back and say no thank you. We love and enjoy using make up but we don’t want to hide our faces.

What did you do before Code 8?

Completely different background… I was in real estate, very different market, never done beauty before but I’m a woman and I know what I want. I’m at the age where I’ve experimented over the years so I’ve toned it down to just what I need. The brand is really about smart make up, you can pick up any nude or red and it should suit any skin tone.

And what would you say is your star product in the range?

I can’t live without the BB Cream which is done by a special technology, we’re the only brand to use that technology which makes the cream super soft on the skin and it’s like a second skin so you get the coverage but a fresh luminous skin… sometimes I don’t even use a moisturiser.   

I actually have a challenge for you as I have NEVER found a red lipstick to suit me… do you think you could do it?

Oh I love a challenge!!! As well as the full range of lip colours we also have our bespoke lipstick services called ID Lab which is where you can come and mix your own bespoke shade by our make-up artist. So I’m sure we can find a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. 

And we finally found the perfect red which we named Blowout of course! From PH balanced lip sticks which bring out your own individual colour to eyeshadows that won’t budge after a full day of wear Code 8 is a no fuss brand that has your back.

Go to to get yours and book in your bespoke shade session.
Words by Kylie Olsson
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