Sober and the City - 'Where’s your head aaaaat?!'

Sober and the City - 'Where’s your head aaaaat?!'

Hello Blowout reading gang..
Today I am going to write about ‘where my head’s at’

Having just hit ONE year sober, I have been contemplating a hell of a lot.

I’ve always been bang into stars, spaceships and the universe. Not in a freaky way. I think.
I had a pretty magical evening with a friend of mine discussing what could possibly be out there, we had a very pure moment of gratitude. 
Swapping the champagne and whatever else in bars and random houses.. talking absolute nonsense, for nights in, sipping on tea and contemplating the universe... is pretty fucking cool.
This month I have been venturing out a little more than usual. 

‘Sober Soldiers’

I was slightly dreading the summer coming, seeing pub gardens full of people sipping their G and Ts and glugging their bottles of rosé. The sunshine was a real trigger for me and with the gorgeous weather that we are currently enjoying I’ve never been more thankful for my ‘sober soldiers’ as I’ve renamed my friends. 
I found myself at a country party with a couple of like minded sober soldiers.. as we cruised around, enjoying the beautiful location in Oxfordshire-I came to realise that I am free of the ‘obsession’. I could quite happily glide through a champagne fuelled party, sipping on my new favourite drink ‘Seedlip and Tonic’

It’s so bloody cool that there is such a great movement where sober options are being introduced.

I highly suggest you give these guys a go..
Let’s face it even the strictest sober soldier gets a bit bored of the old Evian day in and day out, so for a treat I got myself a bottle of Seedlip, a non alcoholic (of course ☺️) gin alternative that coupled with a dash of Fever Tree Tonic gives you the perfect lift for a summer’s day without the added stress of losing your handbag, talking shit all night and getting off with strange men that gin does! You really don’t feel that you’re missing out - this journey I’m going on isn’t about denying yourself anything - it’s finding a healthy alternative. I’m getting stronger all the time and the fact I can sit in a pub garden sunning myself sipping a mocktail quite contently is testament to that. 

A place I have loved for sometime and have found myself dining in, on a regular basis is ‘Farm Girl’ in Notting Hill. 

It’s whacky twists on tea and coffee is sensational and the actual spot (with garden) is incredibly beautiful and the detail from the wall paper, to the fine cutlery and mugs, is exquisite. The food is all organic and the portions are HUGE! 

This week I also discovered an AWESOME charity shop on Regent’s Park Road.

Mary's Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children
109 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8UR
Blowing out in this store, left me feeling charitable, content AND hot!
The shop has seen it all. From a selection of outfits from Harper Beckham's wardrobe, kindly curated and donated by Victoria Beckham herself, to Vintage Party extravaganzas and Thanksgiving dinners. Kate Moss and Jude Law have both donated and shopped here!
Check. It. Out! 

My gratitude list for today

🦋 I am grateful for nature and the healing it gives me
🦋 I am grateful for the clarity that sobriety gives me on a daily basis
🦋 I am grateful for so many wonderful souls surrounding me today, in life
🦋 I am grateful for a healthy mind and body
🦋 I am grateful for the generosity of others, towards those less grateful than ourselves

Words by Gemma Gregory
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